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03 5032 9677

The Comfort Inn Lady Augusta - rated the #1 motel in Swan Hill by our customers on TripAdvisor!

Motels in Swan Hill: Comfort Inn Lady Augusta restaurants

The Comfort Inn Lady Augusta has chargeback agreements with a number of restaurants in Swan Hill. This enables you to eat out and charge your meal back to your hotel bill.

Restaurant chargeback agreements

We have an agreement with the following local restaurants which allows you to charge meals back to your room and settle all bills upon checkout.

Italian Dining and Pizza (Delivery Available)
Thai and South East Asia (Delivery Available)
Fine Dining (Delivery Available)

Pub and Bistro
Pub and Bistro

Japanese Dining
Fine Dining (Delivery Available)


  • Quo Vadis - 03 5032 4408 
  • Java Spice - 03 5033 0511
  • Charlie Grey's - 03 5032 9788
  • Swan Hill Club - 03 5032 2060
  • Swan Hill RSL - 03 5032 2359
  • Niko Niko - 03 5032 9080
  • Peppercorn - 03 5032 4427