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The Comfort Inn Lady Augusta - rated the #1 motel in Swan Hill by our customers on TripAdvisor!

Motels in Swan Hill: Book direct Comfort Inn Lady Augusta

Here are 5 reasons to book direct at the Comfort Inn Lady Augusta - rated the #1 motel in Swan Hill by our customers on TripAdvisor! Now Swan Hill's newest 4 star motel!

Put your reservation @ the Front Desk – not at a Remote Desk!

Have you ever booked online, maybe on one of those ‘compare the market’ online travel agents, only to be disappointed on arrival? Maybe there were hidden fees? Did you discover the amenities were outdated? Perhaps the motel froze your credit card balance with a pre-authorization charge? Maybe the pictures didn’t match your room? Were you left wondering just how old those reviews must have been? Had most of the tourist sites linked to the motel closed for the season?

Avoid online regret when booking a motel in Swan Hill!

Our friendly Reception staff are waiting to help you with your reservation and your experience! You can ask questions, discuss which room best suits your needs, find out what events are on and what’s not the best tourist option during your visit, get recommendations for local cuisine and clarify any fees, charges or cancellation requirements upfront. 

Here are 5 Reasons to Book Direct when searching for a motel in Swan Hill

  1. We have rooms and specials not listed anywhere else. We may appear sold-out on online travel sites, but we have more rooms than what appears on, Trivago, etc. We also offer certain specials only available to direct reservations – be sure to watch Facebook and read more on our website to see these.
  2. Booking direct ensures your ‘special requests’ are heard and we will do all we can to meet them. We have 24 rooms on 2 levels and everyone wants a downstairs room! Booking directly on our website or with our Reception staff allows us to discuss your needs and how we might be able to meet these. It also means some of those ‘extra amenities’ not included in your room charge can meet you on arrival. 
  3. Online travel site bookings can and do get lost! Because not all travel sites are “live” – meaning they are not interacting directly with our reservation system - your reservation is not always received via email or can even result in an ‘over-booking’ which means we don’t have the rooms available and your reservation gets bumped! We try very hard to avoid this, and have set in place many checkpoints, but it CAN happen. It’s never pleasant to turn up just to be turned away.
  4. In response to a growing concern over ‘dummy bookings’ where reservations are made in an online travel site with an invalid credit card, many motels, including ours, are charging the guarantee credit card when the reservation is received. If the credit card declines, you will not be given a confirmed reservation. If the charge is approved, but you cancel or do not cancel within the 24-hour cancellation policy time-frame, you will be charged a cancellation fee. Booking direct saves everyone a lot of hassle!
  5. We are friendly! Our staff is eager to please and experts at customer service. All motels look alike online. The best way to appreciate just why we are rated NUMBER ONE on TripAdvisor, Google, and Tourism Australia is to interact directly with us through our Reservation Desk or Website. Who knows – you might just find we’ve got something special for you!